M-tech -Classic Mini Specialist-

M-Tech Countryman Sport #5
M-Tech Countryman Sport #5

The Countryman Sport is built exclusively by M-tech of Somerset England, Mini Specialists. 

It is the result of many hours of skill and expertise to create a beautiful Mini Countryman for your enjoyment. 

The concept is based around bringing the classic Mini 'Woody' up to date with winding windows, supportive leather seats, decent brakes and a larger engine for modern performance.

The M-tech Countryman Sport is built with almost all new or reconditioned parts in order 

to achieve reliability and longevity for the long term enjoyment of its owners.

The M-tech Countryman Sport may also be seen as a rare and potential investment which is still available effectively 'new' despite the Mini Classic no longer being available from the factory. 


Good condition vehicle selected and stripped to bare bodyshell 

Bodyshell fully shot blasted and all rust removed 

Bodyshell restored to 'factory' specification with new panels fitted where necessary, all welds blended 

Front wings modified by increasing radius at front edge to accept 13" wheels, lip replaced for strength - Sportspack option

Underside fully stone chipped or optional polyurea coating for ultimate rust protection

Bodyshell fully etch primed, two-pack primed and many coats two-pack topcoat in your choice of colour 

Bodyshell waxoiled in cavities prior to and during assembly 

Optional rear ash wood framework, stained and varnished (with hand crafted wheel arches on Sportspack, see details below)

Extended colourcoded wheelarches at front to suit chosen wheels

Stainless steel Cooper grille 

Rear Arches on Sportspack Option

Due to the increased width of the Sports wheels fitted, enlarged rear wheelarches are fabricated by hand. 

In order to ensure the aesthetics of the vehicle are not spoilt, this is carried out by keeping the outer ‘sight line’ to the same width as the original, a taper is then introduced towards the body of the vehicle to a similar style as the front plastic arches. A taper front to rear is also introduced to follow the line of the wheel. 



1275cc A+ rebuilt engine fitted with a new mild camshaft
Balanced crankshaft and flywheel assembly and lead-free cylinder head

Single 1.75" HIF44 SU carburettor with correctly matched needle and electronic ignition

Mechanical (and electric cooling) fans on hi-performance radiator

Rover Mini 4 speed gearbox with matched final drive ratio to suit engine character 

Subframes black powdercoated and fitted with new suspension and braking components

Progressive modern metal coil spring suspension and adjustable ride height, a vast improvemement on the standard Mini ride quality.

Servo assisted 8.4" disc brakes at front, new spaced drums at rear

5x10" or 5x12" Minilite style alloy wheels with 165 tyres as standard

(6x13" Sportspack alloy wheels fitted with 175/50/13 tyres on Sportspack Option)

Various engine options are available including:- 

A 1380cc A+ overbored engine with excellent torque for fast, smooth cruising 

Modern 1600cc fuel injected 8 or 16 valve engines with 5/6 speed gearboxes 

A monster mid-engined 2 litre 16 valve 200+bhp Porsche beater 

A Supercharged or 16valve A series engine setup



Mini front seats re-trimmed in choice of materials and colours

Rear seats trimmed to match, deep pile carpet bound with sound deadening material, matching door cards and rear pocket liners. 

Fully trimmed load area. 

Optional Walnut dashboard containing magnolia dials, glovebox, Matching walnut or leather gearknob fitted to chrome plated gearstick, Rear door lock mechanism chrome plated sliders

All specifications are purely for guidance and we can bespoke your Mini build to your dream spec.